Symphonic concert

Classicism versus Neoclassicism
Wed 19:00
Ostrava, DK Treasure

Mozart wrote nothing but beautiful words about Josef Mysliveček and highly valued his work. Moreover, with his work together with J. Haydn, he became an inspiration for many composers of the 20th century. century, which is evidenced by the presented compositions of Grazyna Bacewicz and Sergei Prokofiev.


  • Grazyna Bacewicz – Concerto for String Orchestra
  • Josef Mysliveček – Concerto for violin and orchestra in C major
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Concerto for violin and orchestra in B major, K. 207
  • Sergei Prokofiev – Symphony No. 1 in D major, Op. 25 “Classic”


  • Ivan Ženatý – violin
  • Jiří Habart – conductor
  • Sinfonia Varsovia
  • Vilém Veverka – accompanying word

Entrance fee

  • 700 CZK / 600 CZK
  • 50 CZK /children under 15 years old/

Formal dress, difficulty medium