Symphonic concert

Ageless melodies
Thu 19:00
Krnov, church of St. Martin

The friendship of siblings from Vysočina and the child prodigy from Salzburg.
The Vraničtí brothers were born in the New Kingdom in Vysočina, but lived and worked in Vienna, where they often met W. A. Mozart. Pavel Vranický was even born in the same year as the Salzburg “miracle” Wolfgang


  • Antonín Vranický – Symphony in D major “Aphrodite”
  • Pavel Vranický – Concerto for oboe and orchestra in G major
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    – Concerto for oboe and orchestra in F major, K. 313
    – Symphony in D Major, K. 385 “Haffner”


  • Vilém Veverka – oboe
  • Marek Štilec – conductor
  • Prague Chamber Orchestra

Entrance fee

  • 400 CZK
  • 50 CZK /children under 15 years old/

Formal dress, easy difficulty