Medea – Czech melodrama

a.k.a. famous Czech composers before Bedřich Smetana
Mon 19:00
Opava, Silesian Theater Opava

Medea is considered one of the most powerful sorceresses of the Greek myths, entering after the Argonaut expedition led by Jason landed on the shores of Colchis to take possession of the golden fleece. Since then, her dramatic story has been remade and retold many times. The Benda’s work is one of the most successful.


  • František Xaver Richter – Sinfonia con fuga in G minor
  • Jiří Antonín Benda – Medea


  • Zuzana Stivínová – Medea
  • Radúz Mácha – Jásón
  • Aneta Kubeš Klimšová – nanny
  • Filip Škandera, Jonáš Adámek, members of the NDM opera studio – children
  • Tomáš Netopil – conductor and opening remarks
  • Czech Ensemble Baroque

Entrance fee

  • 700 CZK / 600 CZK
  • 50 CZK /children under 15 years old/

Recommended clothing – Formal dress, difficulty medium