Janáček festival and Opava 800

Famous natives of Opava
Wed 17:00
Opava, Petr Bezruč Library Hall

Opava, which has been a traditional festival town for years, is celebrating its 800th anniversary.
We can’t be missing among the congratulators, and that’s why we’re coming with an original double concert, where the compositions of the most important natives will be performed by performers who came from the center of Silesia.


  • Arnošt Rychlý – Songs to lyrics by Petr Bezruč
  • Josef Schreiber – Sonata for solo viola
  • Václav Kálik – Intermezzo “Summer day in the mountains”


  • Daniel Matoušek – tenor
  • Michal Bárta – piano
  • Petr Maceček – violin
  • Jitka Hosprová – viola

Entrance fee

  • 350 CZK
  • 50 CZK /děti do 15 let/

Formal dress, difficulty medium