Announcement of GENERATION 2023

“Janáček May“, o.p.s. in cooperation with OSA Partnership and AHUV association.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The 12th edition of “Generation – international competition for composers up to 30 years“ from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Republic of Poland and Hungary.

The competition will take place in two categories:

  • 1st category is intended for young composers who have not reached the age of 30 till 31st December 2022
  • 2nd category is intended for young composers who have not reached the age of 21 till 31st December 2022


In both categories the compositions include the following:

  • Compositions for solo instrument without accompaniment.
  • Compositions with piano accompaniment.
  • Compositions for small chamber ensembles from two to nine instruments (in various combinations).
  • Compositions for steady instrumental groups (piano or string trio, string quartet, wind quintet and chamber orchestra – up to 24 members).

Application form is available at the website below:


Conditions of competiton:

  1. Duration of the composition should not exceed 20 minutes.
  2. Only those compositions may be accepted that were not rewarded in other competitions – competitors confirm this requirement by a written statement.
  3. The competition is not anonymous. Musical scores must be written legibly in the appropriate quality (PDF, JPG), total graphic scores will not be accepted. In the case of partial use of graphic notation in the classical scores, it is necessary to attach a high-quality demo record to the notation. Competitors are obliged to deliver the scores through application form. Attachment of informative audio track is recommended through.
  4. If the composer use non-traditional instruments, these compositions will be accepted, but the composer´s obligation will be to provide a player including the instrument, for a possible performance at the concert
  5. Submitted works will be evaluated by an expert international jury: Milan Báchorek (Czech Republic), Ivan Kurz (Czech Republic), Hanuš Bartoň (Czech Republic), Vít Zouhar (Czech Republic), Slavomír Hořínka (Czech Republic), Alexander Lasoń (Republic of Poland), Jevgenij Iršai (Slovak Republic), László Tihanyi (Hungary).
  6. Janáček May and OSA Partnership agreed on the financial prizes for the winners as follows:
    I. category for composers up to 30 years
    the 1st prize – 30.000 CZK / 1.150 EUR
    the 2nd prize – 20.000 CZK / 750 EUR
    the 3rd prize – 10.000 CZK / 400 EUR

    II. category for composers up to 21 years
    the 1st prize – 20.000 CZK / 750 EUR
    the 2nd prize – 10.000 CZK / 400 EUR
    the 3rd prize – 5.000 CZK / 200 EUR
  7. The AHUV prize for best Czech competitor is 15 000 CZK.
  8. The jury is entitled not to award some of the prizes or divide some of the prizes among multiple awarded competitors
  9. A maximum of two compositions by one author may be accepted for the competition.
  10. The closing deadline of competition is 31st January 2023.
  11. Evaluation of the competition will be held by the end of March 2023.
  12. Selected winning compositions will be recorded by Czech Radio.
  13. Each author is obliged to attach his personal data, incl. phone number and
    E-mail, and residential or correspondence address to the submitted composition.
  14. Registration fee – the administrative fee is as follows:
    a) for Czech participants 500 CZK for each competition composition – the participant pays this amount till January 2023 via a bank transfer to the account No. 185514525/0300, variable symbol 31012023.
    b) for participants from abroad 20 EUR for each competition composition – the participant pays this amount till January 2023 via a bank transfer to the account No. 198496071/0300, variable symbol 31012023, BIC: CEKOCZPP, IBAN: CZ79 0300 0000 0001 9849 6071.
  15. Compositions with marking “Generation 2023” must be delivered by author till 31st January 2023 through application form, which is published at website in “GENERATION” section. Only compositions submitted by the electronic version through the application form are accepted for competition year 2023. Delivery of compositions / scores in physical form is not necessary.


Terezie Petříčková
Secretary of the competition
+420 604 593 335