Write to Me. Your Alma

Musical Monodrama
Monday, 7 pm
Ostrava, Petr Bezruč Theater

Alma’s father was a guest in Ostrava with his legendary Viennese Rosé Quartet, and the first transport of Jews to ‟labour” camps was sent from Ostrava. Let us recall the tragic story of one of the many and one of the few, violin virtuoso Alma Rosé, the wife of our violin virtuoso Váša Příhoda.

  • Zdeněk Geist – Write to me. Your Alma


  • Kamila Janovičová – Alma
  • Stanislav Šárský – narrator
  • Graff quartet
  • David Kříž – director


  • 250 CZK / 200 CZK (full/senior, student)
  • 50 CZK (children under 15)

Recommended dress code casual