Ther Gingerbread Cottage

Opera performance
Saturday 19:00
Hukvaldy, a game preserve – the amphitheatre

We all know a fairy tale about the Gingerbread Cottage. But who knows its musical form? Jan Kučera felt himself into children audience and performers and composed this special opera.


  • Jan Kučera – author of music
  • Ladislava Smítková Janků – author of the libretto
  • Josef Kotěšovský – choreography
  • Jiří Votruba – visual concept
  • Eliška Poulová – costumes
  • Tereza Petrášková – director
  • Anna Novotná-Pešková – conductor
  • Jiřina Marková–Krystlíková – art director
  • Children´s Opera Prague


  • 300 CZK
  • 50 CZK /children under 15 years/


  • 100 CZK

In case of rain: ZŠ Leoše Janáčka Hukvaldy (Primary school of Leoš Janáček Hukvaldy)

Transportation from Ostrava to Hukvaldy and back. Departure of the bus at 13:30 from a parking lot in front of DKMO. Return back to DKMO after the end of the opera performance.

Recommended clothing – Casual

Family concert