So Many Gates and How Many Towers?

A tour of the castle
Additional event of the Festival
Sunday, 4 pm
Hukvaldy Castle

Before listening to the tones of this evening’s concert, join us to see the largest castle ruins in Moravia, to enjoy the view from the castle tower, and to listen to the history of the Hukvaldy Castle.

The tour is included in the ticket to the concert of the Tribute to the Beauty of Nature. In case of bad weather and the transfer of the concert to Leoš Janáček Elementary School, the tour will not take place.

In case of wet weather, the event will take place in the Primary School of Leoš Janáček and the tour will be cancelled.

The bus transport from Ostrava to Hukvaldy Castle and back will be provided. The departure of the bus is at 2.30 pm from the parking lot in front of Ostrava City Cultural Centre. The return to Ostrava City Cultural Centre will be after the concert.