Days of Silesian Organ

From the Czech Organ Treasury additional festival event
Friday, 7.30 pm
Ostrava, St. Wenceslas Church

Days of Silesian Organ
Held in honour of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Ostrava-Opava diocese, and under the auspices of Bishop Mons. F. V. Lobkowicz, O.Praem.

A tour of the church and organ with art historian Daniela Rywiková – starts at 6.30 pm
Before listening to the sound of the organ, come and see the St. Wenceslas Church, the oldest cultural and historical monument in Ostrava.

Over the centuries, the building has witnessed many events, the imprint of which can still be found today – on unique Renaissance murals and in the overall layout of the church.

Organ concert – starts at 7.30 pm

  • Karel Stamic – Orchestral Quartet in F Major, Op. 14 No. 4  
  • Bohuslav Matěj Černohorský – Toccata in C Major
  • Anonymous composer – Fugue in A Minor
  • František Xaver Brixi – Prelude in C Major, Seykorka
  • Jan Křtitel Kuchař – Andante in A Minor
  • Jan Křtitel Vaňhal – Fugue XII
  • Karel Blažej Kopřiva – Fugue in D Minor Supra Cognomen DEBEFE, Fugue – Pastorella in C Major
  • Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger – Toccata and Fugue II.
  • Jan Křtitel Vaňhal – Concerto for Organ and Strings in F Major


  • Petr Čech – organ
  • Camerata Janáček
  • Pavel Doležal – artistic director

This year, it will be the fourth time that the journey to the Silesian organ takes place. Around the imaginary fixed point, which is traditionally the St. Nicholas Church in Ludgeřovice with its beautiful and fully functional Rieger organ from 1930, we can find a number of remarkable instruments in the Ostrava-Opava diocese, which are gradually being reconstructed. These include the organ in the church of St. Bartholomew in Kravaře and a small baroque instrument in the St. Wenceslas Church in Ostrava.

Admission to the Days of the Silesian Organ

  • 1 concert – 350 CZK / 250 CZK (full/senior, student)
  • 2 concerts – 600 CZK / 450 CZK (full/senior, student)
  • 3 concerts – 690 CZK / 510 CZK (full/senior, student)
  • Bus ticket – 80 CZK

Recommended dress code formal dress