Crows – Musical Movement Performance

Festival crossover
Tuesday 19:00
Ostrava, Národní zemědělské muzeum DOV (National Agriculture Museum)

They live with us side by side as well as in the forests, far from the people. Thanks to a colour of their feathers, they have become a symbol of death but surprisingly enough, they are also a symbol of birth. Crows as bearers of dreams and secrets.


  • Holektiv
  • Andrea Vykysalá, Karolína Křížková – concept a interpretation
  • Terezie Vodička Kovalová – music
  • Eliška Brtnická – stage cooperation
  • Studio Herrmann & Coufal – scenographic installation
  • Michaela Čapková – costumes
  • Niels Doucet – light and sound


  • 200 CZK
  • 50 CZK /children under 15 years/

Recommended clothing – Casual

Sold out